Small team, big results.

We design, develop and market websites, social and mobile applications.
To do this we manage the entire strategic, creative and production process.


Digital competition means aligning oneself with a constantly changing scenario and increasingly sophisticated languages and logic.

Digital benchmarking & online positioning
Digital communication strategy
Creative concept & content strategy
Online marketing & social media strategy


Every effort is aimed at developing creativity with a high communication value, able to create unique, optimized and embracing navigation experiences.
Navigation and usability design
Wireframes and prototyping
Interface and web site design
Interface and mobile app design


Indigo creates photography, animation, video and editorial content for vibrant digital communication.
Copywriting and editorial contents
Illustrations and photographic contents
3D, augmented reality
Surveys, eLearning, serious games
Audio & Motion design


We develope digital solutions in the main reference standards to reduce
development times, costs, and delivering the best quality products and services.
We use web standards compliant HTML(5) and CSS(3) for client-side development
and full LAMP server-side technologies, with PHP and MySQL.
We also implement popular software like WordPress, Shopify and Magento.


The digital world moves very fast and keeping up with emerging trends and new technologies
is a critical factor for anyone involved with projects and communication.

Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Email marketing
Display communications campaigns
Advergames &online promotions
Online/offline strategies

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